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  • Wedding Song

    Last weekend my cousin Saara got married. My congrats to her. A few months ago she asked me if I could play the piano in the church as a part of the ceremony. I said of course and put the date in my calendar. I started to work on the song a couple of weeks ago but progress was slow. Luckily I finished the song just in time two weeks ago and named it Aalloilla (On the waves) to remind of the ups and downs of human relationships.

    Aalloilla is a piano only song with strong classical influences. Contrary to my usual practice, this song was recorded with a single take straight to audio from my synth (normally I compose in MIDI and let the sequencer do the playing). Check it out from the music page and let me know what you think. It has been a while I have composed a solo instrument song.

    If you wonder why I haven't posted anything in a long time, I have been really busy with my school work. I think the amount of code I produce is inversely proportional to the amount of music I write. :)

  • New website

    In case you didn't notice, I relocated my site to azhrak.publishpath.com. The look is updated too, but content is still almost the same. I didn't put the lyrics section here at all since I don't see it relevant to my work. Anyway, I hope you won't miss the old website. :)

  • Chiptune tryout

    A couple of days ago I made a ringtone for my phone. It is supposed to sound like old game music and I think I succeeded quite well. At least I like it. But that wasn't the reason for this update. I got excited about this kind of music (chiptune, check out Dubmood for example) and decided to make another one, a longer song. And here it is, called Oldie because of the genre. Quite generic but entertaining if you ask me. What do you think?

  • RSS and black metal remake

    A friend of mine, Ville, made an RSS feed for this site. Many thanks to him. Now you people can follow my (random) updates better.

    Edit: Ville's RSS won't work for this new site. Use the new RSS feed for these news.

    Now that I got the bass playing started, I have made a remake of one of my old black metal songs, "Ei Armoa, Ei Jumalaa" (No Grace, No God). The Finnish lyrics can be found here. Don't expect the vocals too soon, I will do the vocals for the other (Kaikki Minussa) black metal song first.

  • New melodic black metal song Kaikki Minussa

    It seems like my updating tempo is slowing down. It has been another four months since my last update to this site. The reason is simple, I haven't done anything worth sharing here. But as you might guess, since I am writing this post, I now have something new for you. :) ...It's a new black metal song! The song is called "Kaikki Minussa" (All in Me), and the lyrics (in Finnish) are here. This song is the first where I have played the bass by myself --- before I have used a programmed bass. I now release the instrumental version, but vocal version is coming as soon as I can get myself together and pull an awesome vocal performance. I also will fine tune the mix a bit. Until then, enjoy the instrumental!

  • Drum and bass experiment

    Oh my god.. It has been over three months since my last update! It makes me feel really unproductive. I haven't just sat on my ass all the time though! I have three new songs under way and they all are totally different. Like always, I'm just composing what ever comes to my mind. And because I'm interested in so many differend genres, I tend to experiment a lot.

    This time I have yet another one of my genre explorations for you. It's a drum and bass song called Status Critical, and I'm quite satisfied with it. The sad thing is, that when I first made the drum track for this song, I also finished two other drum tracks for two similar songs. At first, I intented to release all three songs together, but as the time went on and I just didn't find the inspiration to finish the other two songs, I now decided to release this first ever drum and bass song I have made. Have fun with it!

  • Second chillout song finished

    I can't really tell how satisfied/relieved I am right now because I don't really know. I just finished my second chillout song that I started to work with in March (that's over 8 months ago), but because of the lack of interest, it stayed half done for a very long time. Luckily some of you who have listened to my music sent me a couple of emails encouraging me to do more chillout (since that is what I am mostly known for so far), and I was very dissappointed to myself because I felt I had been too passive.

    So... this christmas I have a present for all of you who have stayed hungry for some chillout. I hope this song will satisfy you. Happy holidays everyone!

  • Exitus -- new black/doom metal project

    And here I am telling you again how it has been quite some time since my last update. Well, only one month this time, but I have a real reason this time: army called me back to refresh my skills! Ten days in the woods refreshed me alright and now I'm hungy for music. Today I have a special release for you, it's the first finished song of a new project that I started with one Ukrainian guy called Ur-Quan, who I met on IRC. He made the lyrics and the vocals and I tried my best to do some doom metal, but, as always, I can't restrain myself and ended up doing something between black and doom metal. In any case, the result isn't all that bad. Or what do you think?

  • Having some fun

    Wow, it has been alsmot two months since my last update. This isn't because I haven't done anything that I could release, but rather because I haven't finished anything. I have more depressive black metal under way and I am doing a doom metal co-project with one singer. More of that in the future, but today I had some fun. I made a short melodic metal song. Nothing serious. :)

  • First ever vocals recorded

    I finally managed to record the vocals for No Dreams. They are quite rough, but considering the genre (bedroom depressive black metal lol), they're ok. Don't be hard on me because these are the first vocals I've done. The lyrics will help you to get into the song better. I didn't remove the instrumental version because I understand the song might work better to some that way. :)

  • "Atmospheric black metal". OK

    Atmospheric and depressive black metal. This was my theme last week and I got inspired by the genre and decided to give it a try. I wasn't very succesfull at staying in the genre but I don't mind. :P I finished all the instuments for the song but I'd really like to add vocals to it too. But I'm afraid I'm not much of a singer. :/ The song is called No Dreams, now download the recent version.

  • Remixing

    I did a few adjustments to the new song No Dreams. So if you downloaded it in these couple of hours (which i strongly doubt), get it again so that you'll have the right version. Also I removed the punk songs from recent songs because they were so stupid. :D But if someone is missing them (for some reason), just ask for them in the guestbook or by email.

  • Defining my style

    It has been a while since the last update... I'm sorry for the inactivity, but work is taking its toll on my inspiration. School is just a vacation compared to warehouse work. :) Anyway, I have a new song! I'd say it's some kind of doom metal. Slow music seems to suit me the best nowadays. But enough talk, go ahead and download!

  • Song updated

    Just as the Tuska Festival is over I'm in the mood of doing some metal, so I decided to upgrade my latest song a bit since the samples were quite old. The old version has been replaced with the new one. Drum and keyboard samples are new, and I added some extra keyboards into it too. Enjoy.

  • Tracked guitars and nostalgia

    It seems I've been a bit lazy the past few weeks. I have another chillout song coming, but I've been lacking good ideas for it... And partly because of the frustration I dig some of my old tracker stuff up and tried to finish the drafts. Luckily I got inspired by one song and was able to build it into a really nice metal song. Hope you like it too! But please don't mind the 8-bit samples and computer guitars... :)

  • For your entertainment

    I added a new song called For Your Entertainment. And it sure is for all of you interested in my music. Thanks for the support and encouraging words! And just for the record, this song is nothing serious. :) Check it out from the music section.

  • Instrumental synth metal

    Long time no update. But fear not, I haven't been idle! I am proud to present a new song called Enchanted By the Setting Sun. It's a slow, distorted, melodic and moody song. Download it from the music section or here. Enjoy!

  • First chillout song ready

    Today is a special day. I have finished my first fully electronic piece of music called Below The Arctic Ocean. It is a chillout track with cool melodies and breakdowns. The mix is not final but it's good enough to see the daylight. Hope you enjoy it! Download it from the music section or here.

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